Philosophy & Curriculum

We strive to not only offer an exceptional experience but to also develop our student’s and camper’s competencies.


Navigo’s use of experiential learning creates the perfect platform for developing a higher level of proficiency in any language.  An experiential approach to learning languages improves a student’s ability to learn by doing – by providing a multitude of setting and situations in which to practice.


By using inclusive and creative programming, Navigo camps celebrate cultural diversity. Navigo students have the opportunity to become aware and develop a further appreciation of a wide range of cultures by incorporating cultural awareness between its campers and the places they are visting. 

Global Knowledge

Navigo works at this in two ways. Firstly, by connecting our student’s daily learning experiences with becoming a more “global” citizen. By working together, through experiential programming, students are practicing their acknowledgment of different ideas, perspectives and solutions. Secondly, conversations are carefully crafted to bring out of our students their ideas about global citizenship and knowledge. By bringing together students from different backgrounds and experiences, the sum is truly greater than its parts, each student learning and appreciating that the world is a complex place full of both problems and solutions.

Practical Skills

Learning by doing is Navigo’s cornerstone. Our programs are crafted to safely challenge our campers in a positive way on their competency and resilience with respect to decision-making, life skills, recreation, travel and social relationships.

Being a kid

Becoming unplugged by their comforts of home and reconnecting with the “joys of childhood”. Campers will be outside a great deal of their time to swim, hike, jump, play and learn.

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