Why Navigo?

What sets Navigo Education Adventures apart?

Improving language skills through experience

Navigo’s experiential programming allows campers to use enhance their language skills in a multitude of settings in meaningful ways with other participants from around the globe. All our programs are conducted in English paired with the first language of the destination.

Learning English through experience
Focus on health
Focus on health

Navigo programs are carefully crafted to create the right environment and experiences that promote cognitive, physical, social and emotional health. Our programs are engaging, thought-provoking and active while promoting healthy relationships and self-confidence.

Experienced staff and instructors

Navigo instructors are highly experienced in their trade. We hire the best teachers and outdoor instructors available. Our instructors are engaging, empathetic and motivational. It’s important to Navigo that our participants see our instructors as positive role models.

Experienced Outdoor Guiding Staff and Instructors
Variety of program options – challenge by choice

Navigo provides multiple options so that our participants and families can make the right choice for them. Navigo outdoor leadership programs allow for campers to explore places in places that are either not easily accessible by many – providing a truly meaningful look at the world’s most pristine natural environments – or are seemingly remote and beautiful locations, and yet only a few hours from an urban area.

The use of experiential programming as a means of personal development

Navigo students will learn by doing and through the encouragement of curiosity. Our programming provides the right platform for brainstorming, experimenting, exploring and working collaboratively with others. Participants will also have the opportunity to self-reflect on their experiences and what they mean in that moment and for the future.

The use of experiential programming as a means of personal development

Focus on leadership, self-reflection and positive decision-making

Navigo instructors provide participants with the tools to support meaningful self-reflection and they actively engage participants in conversations about positive decision-making and goal-setting.

Quintessential Canadian programming – with a twist

Depending on the destination of our Navigo camps, we incorporate the best elements of outdoor leadership and Canadiana-inspired summer camp cultutre with the quintessential cultural elements of our destinations. Be it ocean canoeing along the Pacific Ocean or perfume making in the south of France, our programs are built to provide a truly unique exoerience.

Quintessential Canadian Programming –with a Western twist
Embracement and learning of Indigenous Culture and the Environment
Embracement and learning of Indigenous Culture and the Environment

Navigo links the environment with Indigenous culture and history. These two elements are interlinked and our participants and campers are provided with the opportunity to learn Indigenous history how it can and could affect our collective future.

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